Picture: Top, Mr. Benson Logiel, Bottom Mr. Peter Epukon Loyapan

By Lokui Philip

In a recent development, Turkana Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai has terminated the services of his Personal Assistant (PA) and Chief of Staff. The governor has appointed Mr. Peter Epukon as the new Chief of Staff and Mr. Benson Lokwang as his new Personal Assistant.

This decision marks a significant change in the governor’s administration and is expected to have implications for the governance and operations of Turkana County. The appointment of new officials at such key positions indicates a shift in the leadership dynamics within the governor’s office.

The termination of the PA and Chief of Staff by Governor Lomorukai suggests that there may have been underlying issues or a need for a change in the administration’s functioning. Such decisions often reflect the governor’s vision for efficient governance and may signal a desire for fresh perspectives and approaches in managing the affairs of Turkana County.

The appointment of Mr. Peter Epukon as Chief of Staff and Mr. Benson Lokwang as PA indicates that Governor Lomorukai is seeking individuals whom he trusts to execute his agenda effectively. This move could potentially lead to a reorganization of administrative processes and decision-making structures within the governor’s office.

The announcement of these changes is likely to generate reactions from various quarters, including political observers, residents of Turkana County, and other stakeholders. It will be important to monitor how these appointments are received and whether they are perceived as positive steps towards enhancing governance in the region.

Furthermore, there may be expectations regarding the performance and impact of the new Chief of Staff and PA in their respective roles. Their ability to work cohesively with the governor and other officials, as well as their capacity to address the challenges facing Turkana County, will be closely observed.

Governor Jeremiah Lomorukai’s decision to terminate his PA and Chief of Staff, while appointing new officials to these positions, reflects a significant development in the administration of Turkana County. The implications of these changes, along with the reactions and expectations they generate, will shape the future direction of governance in the region.

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