Charlene Ruto: Photo courtesy

By Trizer Kachila

Charlene Ruto, a prominent figure in the Zero Barefoot Campaign, recently visited Lochor-Aikeny Primary School in Turkana to distribute shoes as part of the initiative’s efforts to bring dignity to schools and restore hope and confidence to school-going children. The campaign, which is patronized by Charlene Ruto, aims to address the issue of children attending school barefoot and the impact it has on their education and well-being.

During her visit, Ms. Charlene Ruto emphasized her commitment to championing and accelerating efforts by young people as a youth champion. She also called for support to extend the campaign to cover all schools in Turkana, ensuring that every child has access to dignified education.

Victor Kiprono, the founder of Zero Barefoot Campaign and Environment, highlighted the objective of the initiative and stressed the importance of a multi-sectoral approach involving government and private actors to broaden the campaign’s reach. The collaboration between different sectors is seen as crucial in addressing the underlying issues related to children attending school without proper footwear.

The distribution of shoes at Lochor-Aikeny Primary School underscores the tangible impact of the Zero Barefoot Campaign in improving the lives of school children in Turkana. With Charlene Ruto’s leadership and the support of various stakeholders, the campaign continues to make strides in promoting access to education and enhancing the well-being of young learners.

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